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Strikt is an assertion library for Kotlin intended for use with a test runner such as JUnit or Spek.

Strikt gives you…

A powerful fluent API

Type-safe fluent assertions

val subject = "The Enlightened take things Lightly"

Collection handling

Flexible assertions about collections

val subject = listOf("Eris", "Thor", "Anubis", "Ra")
  .contains("Eris", "Thor", "Anubis")

“Narrow” the assertion to elements or ranges


Make grouping assertions

val subject = Deity.values().map { it.toString() }
  .any { startsWith("E") }

“Soft” assertions

Use lambdas to execute multiple assertions on a subject at once…

val subject = "The Enlightened take things Lightly"
expectThat(subject) {
  hasLength(5)           // fails
  matches(Regex("\\d+")) // fails
  startsWith("T")        // still evaluated and passes

…with structured diagnostics of those that fail

▼ Expect that "The Enlightened take things Lightly":
  ✗ has length 5 : found 35
  ✗ matches the regular expression /\d+/ : found "The Enlightened take things Lightly"
  ✓ starts with "T"

Use lambdas to execute assertions on multiple subjects at once…

val person1 = Person(name = "David")
val person2 = Person(name = "Ziggy")
expect {

Strong typing

Assertion functions can "narrow" the type of the assertion

val subject: Any? = "The Enlightened take things Lightly"
expectThat(subject)            // type: Assertion<Any?>
  .isNotNull()                 // type: Assertion<Any>
  .isA<String>()               // type: Assertion<String>
// only available on Assertion<CharSequence>

Assertions can "map" to properties and method results in a type safe way:

val subject = Pantheon.NORSE
  .get(Pantheon::ruler) // reference to a property
  .get { toString() } // return type of a method call


Custom assertions are extension functions

fun Assertion.Builder<LocalDate>.isStTibsDay() =
  assert("is St. Tib's Day") {
    when (MonthDay.from(it)) {
      MonthDay.of(2, 29) -> pass()
      else -> fail()
expectThat(LocalDate.of(2020, 2, 29)).isStTibsDay()

Custom mappings are extension properties

val Assertion.Builder<Pantheon>.realm: Assertion.Builder<String>
  get() = get { "$ruler to $underworldRuler" }

  val subject = Pantheon.NORSE
    .isEqualTo("Odin to Hel")